In this course, you will work through four units at your own pace:

  • The Person
  • Living Well with Dementia
  • The Disease
  • Tools

In each unit there will be readings, videos, and activities that you will be asked to participate in  to enhance your understanding. At the end of each unit you will be given the opportunity to reflect on what you have learned. You are welcome to write your responses in the “Reply” box at the bottom of the page or write in a separate notebook to keep for future reference.

Activities will be indicated by  we walk in those heals with our head held high. 001.jpg

Readings will be indicated by  220px-The_Popular_Educator_Illustration_6_-_Holding_the_Pen.png

Reflections will be indicated by   reflection.jpg

Listening to audio will be indicated by800px-Assistive_Listening_Devices_2.JPG

Now you are ready to start, go ahead enjoy your learning journey!


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