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22 thoughts on “Getting to Know You

  1. I am taking a Health Care Assistant program. I am very interested in assisting people with dementia and am hoping to learn a few extra tips through this open learning course.


  2. I am currently in a Health Care Assistance program and I wish to gain solid knowledge on the what, why, and how to treat dementia. Knowing dementia inside and out will aid my further practice while working with people living with dementia.


  3. As an current HCA student I wish to not only gain knowledge on Dementia, but I want to educate others in hopes that as a community we can work together to identify the symptoms of Dementia and help those who are living with it, to not prevent but to prepare!


  4. I am a current student in the HCA program . I would like to extend my knowledge about dementia so I can help others the right way when needed.


  5. I am taking the HCA program and am I interested in assisting people with dementia. I am hoping to gain extra knowledge through this online course.


  6. Hello, I am currently enrolled in the HCAP program at KPU. Dementia has a strong impact in the community of people that I will be working with. This leads me to be interested in becoming aware and acknowledge everything there is to know about a person living with dementia.


  7. I’m currently an HCAP student. I will one day soon be assisting people that live with dementia; therefore, my hopes are that this course will help me to further my knowledge and insight.


  8. I am a current KPU HCAP student and would like to explore more into the life of someone with dementia and to know how to properly approach and help them the best way possible


  9. I am a current HCAP student and believe that in order to lend a hand to any resident with dementia, we need to know how best to help them at any stage they are at with this disease. I am hoping this course can show me how to best handle tough situations with the person living with dementia.


  10. I am currently an HCA student looking to gain more knowledge and competency caring for people with Dementia and to have a more compassionate approach to it all.


  11. Hi I am a current HCAP student would like to explore and dig out how to communicate with and take care of the residents who diagnosis with dementia. I totally believe said: dementia is not the end of life but the beginning of a journey.


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