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we walk in those heals with our head held high. 001.jpgActivity: How Person Centered am I?


For a family and health care professional to provide meaningful person centred care they need to get to know me, my likes dislikes, wishes, dreams, etc.  For example:

Even though Sharon is Scottish, she hates porridge oats,  but

  • she loves Blues music
  • Personal grooming, especially her hair is really important
  • she loves the ocean and spending time there
  • she needs lots of light in her room
  • she does not like over use of touch (hugs)

In the reply box below or in your notebook, list five things that a carer or health care professional would need to know about you to provide person centred care? Describe why these things are important to you.

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16 thoughts on “Person Centered

  1. I love nature.
    I get cold easily.
    I like hugs but not too long.
    I love earl grey tea with some milk in it.
    I do like to be with people but I also love my alone time.

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  2. 5 things for me to provide person centred care are:
    – I do not drink milk and avoid dairy when possible
    – I am religious and find peace when I pray
    – I love chocolate
    – I love mystery/conspiracy books
    – I love to be active and try new things

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  3. I like my food spicy
    I love music
    I need physical activity everyday to feel good about myself
    I pray everyday to keep myself at peace
    I need tea every morning with extra milk in it

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  4. Five very important things to me:
    – I love flavourful and exciting food, meal time is a very important part of my day
    – I need to have plants in my room and house
    – I love to open the window and listen to the rain
    – Art brings me great joy and allows me to express myself freely
    – My family means the world to me

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  5. I love having a close relationship with God.
    I love being able to wake up late with no worries.
    I love giving people advice in their times of need.
    I love being able to help another person in whatever way I can.
    I love dogs!

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  6. -Time with or around animals is therapeutic for me.
    -Music is an important part of my day.
    -I enjoy my alone time.
    -Having the opportunity to learn and read often is necessary for my quality of life.
    -I require a lot of independence and choices.

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  7. Five things that are important to know about me:

    – Spending time outside in nature every day…rain or shine
    – I need to sleep with a window open no matter the temperature outside. I am claustrophobic.
    – One of my greatest pleasures is a good hot cup of coffee that I can enjoy quietly
    – Social interaction and activities – painting, board games, gardening, dancing
    – FOOD….I love to cook and enjoy sitting down to enjoy the end result with friends and family

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  8. five things important to me are:
    – I love chocolate (a bit to much)
    – I relieve stress with dancing and art
    – I need Tim Horton’s everyday to function (tea)
    – I’m a social butterfly but also enjoy alone time
    – I love spending time with friends, family, and boyfriend

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  9. Five things that would be important for a carer to know about me are:
    – I love being outdoors and being near animals
    – I enjoy reading
    – I love trying new foods and cooking or baking
    – I enjoy being active, so going for walks or playing in the snow make me happy
    – I enjoy music of almost all genres, It can be uplifting or calming and there is always a perfect song for whatever mood you are in ( It also never hurts to dance around in the kitchen with a good song)

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  10. –I enjoy a good cup of tea , a good book, and an open window allowing sunshine and the sound of rain etc.. (whatever the earth had to offer ) , walks in nature
    –I love to express my self through journaling, dancing, music, painting, photography, crafting
    — I love to eat.. preferably European dishes
    — a clean, authentic environment is essential
    — Family time is very important

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  11. -I enjoy playing basketball with friends
    -slight music or piano songs is my favorite
    -I really miss the old time sometimes
    -I wish one day I could have my own dog
    -I cherish the minute when i spend time with my family lover and friends

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  12. I love birds
    I like to play ukelele
    I am sensitive to my mixed race
    Calm instrumental music can calm me down
    My sisters and partner are the most important people in my life


  13. Five things for my carer to know about me would be:
    – I love animals!
    – I love to talk and have conversations with people!
    – I love music
    – I love to bake and cook!
    – I love natural light and being outside!


  14. I need to be surrounded by plants
    I’m an avid reader of any genre
    I have periodic aversions to meat, especially fat
    I stick to tasks best when I have classical music playing
    I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell


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