Common Emotions Experienced by Families During Transitions

From: MAREP https://uwaterloo.ca/murray-alzheimer-research-and-education-program/


Ambiguity and ambivalence

  • Uncertainty surrounding what to expect during the process
  • Uncertainty surrounding what life will be like for the loved one following the move


Guilt and a sense of failure

  • Families blame themselves for the move
  • A sense of failure in not being able to continue to provide care for the person with dementia


Anxiety and stress

  • Making arrangements for the move may be stressful, and pressure to make a move quickly or before the family is ready may exacerbate this stress


Grief, loss and sadness

  • Families feel these emotions related to hat they themselves are losing, as well what they see their loved one losing because of the move



  • Families experience a loss of control and disempowerment when they are not included in decison-making process


Loneliness and a sense of isolation

  • Families feel they are alone during the transition process


Anger and resentment

  • Families may prefer to continue to care in the community, but may be unable to receive needed supports to do so
  • Families may not understand the process or have too much expected of them during the transition process


Feelings of relief and peace of mind

  • Families experience these emotions knowing that their loved one is now going to be caed for in a safe and secure environment.

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