Supports to Live Well

Systems that support people living with dementia

-family        -friends      -neighbours        -GP    -recreation centres

-senior centres         -AlzBC         -Handidart           -day centres       -peer support     -churches                        -library’s          -support groups

Environmental elements/aspects that support people living with dementia

-signage     -natural lighting            -rest areas           -colors

-noise         -familiarity           -others approach to you

Click here to access the Dementia Mind Map.

Click Full-Screen, and then click the magnifying glass to get an explanation of each support.

Screenshot 2017-06-02 17.37.39.png


220px-The_Popular_Educator_Illustration_6_-_Holding_the_Pen.pngIn the “reply” box below or in your notebook, identify the resources in your community that already exist that can support you?

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23 thoughts on “Supports to Live Well

  1. Senior Recreation Centre
    Save On Foods deliver groceries and Meals on Wheels
    Deltassist (counselling, Better at Home services, etc)
    Delta Hospital and Emergency services


  2. Libraries
    Community schools
    Community clinics
    Support groups
    Food Delivery Services
    Online Resources


  3. 811- the nurses hotline
    Doctors office or pharmacy
    community centers (activity classes, cooking classes, Group activities)
    Nurse next door
    Support groups
    Handidart bus services
    Grocery delivery services ( Save on foods, Superstore, Walmart)
    Home support nurses/HCAs


  4. -schools
    – councillors
    – hospitals
    – walk in clinics / family doctor
    – 9-1-1 (police, ambulance, fire)
    – pharmacy (SaveOn)
    – grocery delivery services
    – Family and Friends


  5. – Hospitals
    – Recreation center
    – Alzheimer B.C. resource center
    – Meal/grocery delivery
    – 811
    – Pharmacy
    – Fraser Health


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