reflection.jpg Reflection: what would you suggest needs to happen to for your community to be more dementia-friendly?

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14 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. what would you suggest needs to happen to for your community to be more dementia-friendly?

    – For my community to be more dementia-friendly, I would suggest education. Education is key to understanding everything there is about dementia going to schools, educating youth, being aware and bringing awareness to society will only help build a society where it can be friendly towards people who have dementia. People with dementia need social stimulation and environmental stimulation, if they can be in the community and experience this without feeling the increased stigma of being diagnose with dementia it can definitely help live a much better quality of life. There could be people who are educated and working in all parts of the community who can offer help.


  2. For my community to be more dementia friendly, I believe the community needs awareness about what this disease is. Awareness can be bought on by workshops, handing out brochures and maybe even a movie . We need ways in which people will happily engage in the knowledge of this.


  3. I feel more education about the illness would be helpful and help make my community even more dementia friendly. We have many seniors residences within walking distance of a local strip mall. I see staff helping seniors count out money at our local grocery store often and I think the staff have adapted and learned to do this because of the age of many of their customers. It would be good for the other local businesses to learn more about it as well.


  4. I agree with what everyone else has said about education. Education is the most powerful tool we have, and by teaching our communities about the disease, and normalizing the conversation, we are able to help reshape the view. As dementia is very common, most of the people in our community will have a friend or a family who is affected. I think setting up work shops, and talks in local community settings could be beneficial. Another idea would be to give in-services to staff of places like rec centres, and transit operators.


  5. I would suggest that my community could be more dementia-friendly by being more aware of the disease and educated on the effects it can have on someone living with dementia. I agree everyone else about having workshops, news articles, inservices, brochures, etc. to spread more awareness about dementia.


  6. It seems like as people become more educated on topics like this, normalization begins. There should be training for how to work with customers dealing with all sorts of disease, Dementia being one of them. Knowledge is power, whether that be education in schools or workplaces, or simply educating yourself and your friends/family on these important topics can make a world of a difference. Not only Education on what Dementia IS, but also how to engage with people and how to help one another.

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  7. I 100% agree with everyone using the word “education”. Education is a process to teach everyone what is dementia and how to make the community become a dementia-friendly group. On the other hand, more activities something like let people be there spend time with people has dementia and students feel what it is truly feels like may be another way to improve.


  8. Several adaptations can be made to create a more dementia friendly community. Being supportive cashiers, bus drivers, community staff members, and general citizens will allow people living with dementia to go through their daily activities. Alongside this using positive terminology when referring to people living with dementia will lessen the negative view it has.


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