reflection.jpg  What dementia facts stood out for you?


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16 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Dementia is irreversible, but fast progression of the disease is preventable through the 6 Pillars: regular exercise, social engagement, healthy diet, mental stimulation, quality sleep and managing stress.


  2. A dementia diagnosis does not mean the end of life. Many people still live fulfilling productive lives and stay at home as long as possible with supports.


  3. -That there is a small percentage of dementia thats reversible, and the most common one is that which is caused by toxic reactions to to prescription and OTC drugs.
    -People with Down Syndrome have 3-5 times greater risk of developing Alzheimers Disease.
    -Dementia progression can be slowed by lifestyle choices.


    1. I volunteer with Special Olympics and have seen a change in the life expectancey of people living with Down’s. Some of our athete’s are living into their 50s and 60s and I think it partly because of the healthier lifestyles they are living.
      Because they are living longer, we are also seeing the evidence of dementia and AD as well.
      Good insights Cassidy


  4. – The numerous types of Dementia
    -Canadian Dementia stats such as in 2040, the cost of Dementia is estimated to be 293 billion dollars!
    – the many different ways of keeping your brain healthy! ie. Nutrition, physical health, stress management and sleep

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  5. -Toxic reactions to prescription or over the counter medications are the most common cause of reversible dementia.
    -Dementia is a irreversible disease however the progression can be slowed by over the counter medications.
    -People with Dementia are still able to fulfil incredible lives and more advocacy and education is needed.

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  6. the effect healthy life style has on dementia (6 pillars) and that woman or more susceptible. The stages, types, and characteristics of dementia were incredibly interesting! The rise in people who will live with dementia in the future was unexpected.


  7. Dementia eventually leads to death because your body literally forgets how to do everything, often you don’t think about how the choices you make now may affect you later in life, all the different types of dementia!


  8. how so many of the things that we encounter each day can have an affect on whether we have dementia or not later on.
    that diabetes could lead to vascular problems therefore you are at risk for dementia
    the different types of dementia a person can have and how each is connected to a specific part of how they are as a person.


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