Communication Framework

Communication is multi-facited and to be effective must consider all the following :

  • Self Awareness: Be mindful! Think about your communication style, who you are speaking to, your choice of verbal and non-verbal and be sensitive to how the other person is receiving you communication.
  • Verbal Communication: Choose words that will increase your listeners understanding of what you are trying to communicate
  • Non-Verbal Communication: Includes all communication other than words. The most influential part of communicating.  People will believe more of what yo do than what you say.
  • Listening and Responding: We spend most of our communication time listening. Need to be in the moment, listen for meaning and not to respond. Try to understand the other’s perspective when listening-be other oriented
  • Adapt Your Skills: Adjust your communication including both what you are communicating and how. Your intended receiver will determine your choices.



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