Transitioning into Care

Home to me


In front of the mirror

Startled by what I see

A sombre old lady

An unknown face to me


I am to leave this old house

They say it was my own

Unfamiliar surroundings

Was it really my home


For the best mum is what I hear

Fear in their eyes

Sadness in their tone


The squeak of the door with the turn of the key

A familiar sound I think

Is my hearing deceiving me


Time to go now

One last look in the mirror

They say it is me but can it be


Smiling faces await

They are happy to see me

A sigh of relief

This is home to me


Author: Sharon Leitch MSN, RN


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13 thoughts on “Transitioning into Care

  1. This poem seems to me as if its written about someone moving into a care home. As she does want to leave home but in the back of her head knows it this the right thing to do for herself and her family.


  2. To me this poem reveals how a woman with dementia, is viewing her surroundings and how she perceives them. She is leaving her home as well as her family who are telling her it is for the best, and going to a place where she will be cared for. She can hear familiar sounds and still recognize, at her stage she is leaving and what is happening. To me this poem is reflected on how she feels which I believe is very difficult to feel unless you really put yourself in the same position or try to understand how the other person is feeling.


  3. The poem seems to be about a woman who is leaving her home to go live in residential/acute care. I enjoyed the poem a lot but found some sadness in the way she couldn’t recognize her home or even herself in the mirror. Very touching poem

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  4. To me this poem shows the woman’s struggle with identity. And how she can no longer recognize the face she sees in the mirror, or the place she once called home, but what she can recognize is the emotions of her loved ones, and that “home” is a feeling of love and belonging.

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  5. To me this poem is about a lady who cannot recognize herself or her home. She seems saddened and uncertain by the unfamiliarity of herself in the mirror. It was time to leave her home, but the place she now resides is welcoming and feels like home from the people smiling. She can tell they are excited to see her, so to her it must mean they know eachother, even if she doesnt remember. It was quite a beautiful poem showing just how easily it is for someone to become depressed when they stop recognizing things around them or themselves.

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  6. I think his poem is about a woman who is uncertain with her identity, as she is leaving to a new home. However ,she know’s this is her home. She knows she is transitioning to somewhere else yet she takes a look in the mirror and listens to the squeak of the door , reminiscing what home felt like to her, or is uncertain of what it felt like ..but she is still going along as she moves into this new life, knowing in herself with the love of her family and care workers that she is going to be okay. A reassurance that she will always be who is she is , even if she’s uncertain right now / she doesn’t know why , and that her home will always be her home because of the love that surrounds her although she sees her home and herself unfamiliarly. It’s remarkable the feelings associated with this poem because it speaks so much more than just a resident leaving their home. It holds a glimpse of what feelings are associated with this and its quite a courageous ,transformative journey.

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  7. The poem depicts someone leaving their home to go to a care home. Even though their home was their’s they didn’t feel it was and was most likely alone. In the situation moving into a care home surrounded them by caring people which made the person feel at home. What really struck a note with me is that everybody would like to be “home” but home isn’t necessarily the place you own. Once you get confused and unable to recognize it it is essentially a foreign building. Being somewhere where you feel safe and loved is what a real home is.


  8. This poem sounds like it is about a woman who is moving from her home into care. She seems saddened by the fact that she is being told it is her own but doesn’t really know or remember if it is. I love at the end though how when she gets to her destination she is welcomed with smiling faces and says that it is now home for her.


  9. This poem is an expression of the confusion of identity, family, and home. How a transition to a care home can be for a person living with dementia. This could be a great tool for caregivers and family to possibly better understand.


  10. This poem to me is about a person who does not recognize herself, her home, or her family – but does recognize the fear in their eyes and the sadness in their tone of voice. When she moves into the home she is greeted by big smiles and positive vibes and a sense of welcoming which makes it feel more to home like her actual home did.


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